The Burdur Beige is a beige coloured marble, with medium grain and some irregular background. It presents some occasional signs of fossils and several darker and lighter coloured areas. Its main variations depend on the amount of fossils and background uniformity.

The factor that makes the Burdur Beige quite an interesting stone is its quite uniform beige colour. Its top grades have very little darker vein or fossils and very uniform colour and look, while lower grades tend to have more vein, colour tone variation and irregular background.

  • Burdur Beige Commercial

    Burdur Beige Classic

  • Burdur Marble Commercial

    Burdur Beige Commercial

  • Burdur Marble Selection

    Burdur Beige Select

Extraction Area

The Burdur Beige marble is extracted by many quarries located in the province of Burdur. This is a major beige marble extraction area with hundreds of quarries dispersedly located in the region. This is one of the most important marble extraction areas in Turkey, with strong levels of blocks output.

Burdur is located in the south of Turkey, about 600 kilometres south of Istambul and at about 400 kilometres southwest of the capital city of Ankara.