Burdur Red Marble from Turkey


Mostly unknown worldwide, the Burdur Red is an expanding marble from Turkey, with a peculiar appearance and considerable reserves for future extraction. The main feature of this marble is the “spider web” background, which is made of numerous lines of calcite.

The Burdur Red is a marble with a certain recognition in the Turkish market, mostly due to its peculiar appearance. Outside the frontiers, the Burdur Red is not so known though, since it’s still developing its own segment. The composition of this natural stone includes an irregular background and some colour variation, with different shades of red. The overall look is quite unique and exclusive, as the “spider web” pattern never repeats itself. Additionally, the Burdur Red displays a medium grain and a substantial hardness. In terms of applications, this marble is frequently used as a decoration material. As so, it is often used in combination with other natural stones, especially beige ones.

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