Botticino beige marble from Turkey


Originally from Italy, the Botticino marble has today a similar alternative that is extracted on the Eastern part of Turkey by several quarries with considerable dimension. The Turkish Botticino marble has become a reference for itself in the building and decoration sector, mostly due to its beautiful look, consistent colour and more affordable price.

Botticino is a widely known beige marble that has its origins in Italy, from where it gained its international recognition. Today, Turkey extracts a similar type of marble that is also called locally as Botticino, which we are presenting here. This is a similar type of marble, but with its own specifications. It is a darker beige marble, with a fairly uniform colour and particular structure. On this video, we briefly introduce you to this marble, showing its main variation and what to expect from them.

If you would like to know more information about this fantastic beige marble from Turkey, check the Botticino website.

Source: Natural Stone Outlet.